The biggest drawback of having an Android smartphone is its poor battery life as compared to any feature phone. Even with prudent use, you can get a maximum of 12-14 hours of battery life from a Smartphone. That’s a cost one pays for having a fast processor and good graphics!

However, there are ways in which you can improve the battery life of your Android smartphone. Myself being a Smartphone user, have tried and tested many Apps that claim to save your battery. Most apps just provide you with a toggle switch for Wi-Fi, Data connection, GPS and Auto sync; And thus, instead of saving battery just eat up resources!

I found only One App that actually could extend my battery life. This app is called “Internet Commander” This App is available in two versions, Free and Pro ($1.99)

One may wonder what does this app actually do to extend the battery life? This app manages your data connection in order to save battery. The maximum battery usage is usually by the data connection. The App shuts-off your Data Connection when screen is turned off (locked). You can also set a delay to this so that the Internet isn’t disconnected instantly after the screen is turned off!

Obviously, you must be thinking, “What’s the use of this App if it shuts off my Data connection when the screen is off? I won’t receive any Emails or Notifications!” Well there is a feature provided for this problem. The App automatically switches on the Data connection at user defined time intervals and keeps it ON for a user defined time period. So you won’t miss out on important Emails and Notifications.

Internet Commander Android App

The App also provides a feature for Night Mode as well as Peak Time Mode. In Night mode, the App can switch-off all connectivity features in order to maximize battery saving. Whereas in Peak Time mode, when you don’t want to miss a single Email or Notification, the App will not switch-off your data connection. The App does all this automatically at user defined timings. You just have to configure this App one and stop worrying about it! It takes barely 5-10 mins to configure this App and you’re ready to give some extra juice to your smartphone!

In my personal experience, this App increased the battery life of my Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray(ST18i) from a mere 8-9 hours to 13-14 hours with moderate usage and some gaming too! I would highly recommend this app to all those who struggle to squeeze out even a day’s battery life from their handsets.

You can get the Paid version here. The Free version also works great but with a few trimmed-down features. You can download the Free version here.

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