It is known fact that Facebook and Twitter are the two largest social networks in the world and both provide the distinguishing features and functionalities in their respective domains. Previously we have seen Facebook borrow certain features from the Twitters and now another eye-opener serves as a highlighting factor that has proportionated into a resourceful change. This development is in the form of the famous hashtagging experience of Twitter being brought to Facebook’s News Feed.FB-Hash-Tags

Generally it is a usual aspect to see the users employing those characteristic hashtagging words in their Facebook status updates and now with the support being officially extended out to the users, it will provide enriching ways to inculcate more captivating experience for the users. The individuals can share interests, context and trends on Facebook just like they can manage these activities whilst being active on Twitter.

The facilitation of using a hashtag is a common activity for an active Twitter user. Surely these individuals know what these hashtags mean & why are they used for etc. However, a hashtag incorporated for a word can provide advantageous benefits in allowing a word to be easily searched. And when this topic is widely recurrent on the twitter feeds and in the news, then this particularized word may trend. This background information was particularly for the users who aren’t that acquainted with the hashtags mechanisms. Facebook-Twitter

Hence the user will find a list of trending topics during the time that he/she logs in the account. But in Facebook’s functional base, the users can search these specific hashtags within the search bar and the user is provided search results with respect to stuff that are associated with this hashtag symbol. Alogn these lines it will be clickable for the user. The individuals also possess the propitious benefit of creating posts based on the direct search results or have the ability to create new hashtag feed. The addition of the trending hashtags will happen over the course of the time.

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