Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone has been officially released out and is made available for the WP users worldwide. This ascension sees a development that has been crawled out of beta and the major upgrade highlights a variety of different features. The overall appearance of the app has been designed to offer a look i.e., very much suited to the Windows Phone platform.
Facebook v5.0 for WP8

Having eradicated the tiled Metro / Modern look, the Facebook beta for Windows Phone was focussing on dishing out to an aesthetic appearance. This information was produced out during the advanced stages of testing. And the focus was to produce an interface which is in conjunction with the iOS and Android iterations. With the current disclosure, it appears that Facebook has managed to integrate all these aspects to combine and devise a proper balance for providing out the Facebook look and also retaining that Windows Phone peculiar identity and charm.Facebook v5.0 for WP8 devices

Enhanced navigation, support for high resolution images, Timeline View and improved post sharing features are some of the new-fangled aspects that have been incorporated with the release of this version. The intended target is to provide a better general user experience to all users and Facebook has been changing and implementing new changes for fulfilling this purpose.Facebook v5.0 for Windows Phone 8

You can download Facebook 5.0 right now from the official link here. This is compatible with both Windows Phone 8 and 7.5. For other users who would like to continue using the beta version, Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone is available at the WP Store for those dev-minded individuals.

Download and Install the Facebook v5.0 For Windows Phone 8 and check out the new features right away! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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