Copying files using iTunes is not a pleasurable experience! File Manager software provided by Apple is good, user-friendly but poor in functionality; every time you copy a file it will take you through their 6 steps of synchronization. It feels like I want to buy a ticket for a movie, but instead of just buying a seat for myself, I have to wait and see if the entire population of the country wants to go as well! Every time you plug in your iDevice, it will create a back-up (look at the bottom of the article to disable it) Most irritating thing about iTunes is it takes eons to start especially on Windows. I use iTunes only to add songs to my iPod and nothing else!

i-FunBox is a Free File manager a nifty little application that permits users to access parts of the iOS filesystem directly, which they would not be able to otherwise. Now, I can copy “specific” files directly to a specified path or folder. i-FunBox’s interface is user friendly; on the left hand side users can expand and collapse the tree view and icons on the right hand side.
i-FunBox on Windows
iTunes for some reason does not install Apps on my iPod and so, I use i-FunBox to install apps (only .IPA files and not .DEB) iOS has this awesome feature which does not allow you to delete images but lets you delete images from your camera roll so why shouldn’t we copy images directly to camera roll we will also be able to copy these images back to the computer irrespective of iTunes or any File manager installed in your computer(your iDevice can also be used as a Harddrive)
i-FunBox is an Awesome, Free, Faster, Simpler and Easy-to-use File manager!

iSpirit is an alternative to i-FunBox from iSpirit is also an Free File manager that allows the user to access root directories(system files) It is way faster than iTunes, the only drawback of iSpirit is that it is not very user friendly, users can only use tree view to drag-and-drop files or folders between PC and iDevice.
iSpirit File Manager for iOS
One of the main feature iSpirit has and i-FunBox does not is Winterboard Theme Manager. It installs theme via a ZIP file, local folder or from the Internet and also shows the themes installed on iDevice and manage them. iSpirit has the capability to install .IPA files as well as .DEB files!
Note: .DEB files are Cydia tweaks. For those who don’t have access to WiFi can install Cydia tweaks via iSpirit!

To Disable frequent syncing/backing up of your iDevice, follow the following steps:

  • Run iTunes
  • Click on Edit > Preferences
  • Select Devices
  • Check on “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically” and press OK

The next time you plug in your iDevice, it won’t create an back up and your iDevice will be ready to use!

Note: Make sure you create a backup periodically or before doing anything stupid so that if anything goes wrong you can restore it to last good configuration that worked; So, there is no need to restore it to factory settings.

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