There are numerous occasions when an individual is led to disappointment after using a certain application. The fallacies or the app crashing, compatibility issues could be the reasons, which are unknown especially after the particular user has read, browsed through reviews on that particular app. This is the advantageous aspect of downloading applications from a store, be it Windows, Android or the iOS App Store. The availability of reviews, user comments highlight the effectiveness of the particular application.

In an interesting observation, it has been viewed that reviews made on Android’s Play Store are not positioned according to a particular handset in mind or compatibility cognizance. People use various phone models, tablets running various versions of the Android OS, and when various individuals use different kinds of Android running phones, devices it is a troublesome aspect sometimes on the reliability of this app review.


The reviews that are provided are not presented upon a certain classification. So, in the course of time, they may be misleading to the user, also non-reliable.

Let’s understand how to filter these reviews based on your phone and App version-

  • Search for the particular app that you need to read reviews for. Tap on it to open the same. In the example, below we are trying and demonstrating it for Stick Cricket.
  • After the description of the particular app is opened up, the user needs to scroll down. Here, we find the review and comments section.
  • Usually, Play Store lists the last three reviews made for an app. The other reviews can be viewed by tapping the “See All” button.

snapshot of app reviews on Play Store

  • All reviews get listed by the Play Store. The subsequent step that needs to be taken involves tapping on the “Option” button.
Snapshot depicting the option button
  • Tapping the Option button, we are presented with a review box. We need to check the filtering options as desired by us and press OK.

Review box

Accordingly, Play Store will now filter all the comments for the specific users upon the selection.

Hence, this “device” filter can come handy in such situations and prove fruitful based on the user’s application need. After enabling this specific way, play store will only list apps reviews from users who have the same device as you.


A user obviously needs to be logged in to their Google Account to see your registered Android devices in the dropdown.

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