Who isn’t pestered by telemarketing calls? Sometimes it gets so frustrating when the phone rings in the middle of an important meeting or a short noontime nap, just to discover that it was a telemarketing call. Ever wished that you could recognize who is calling you when an unknown number rings? There is an answer to all your solutions. Truecaller is a packaged solution to all your problems. Truecaller is a multiplatform supported global directory that can recognize almost any number all around the world.

Truecaller is an award winning app, that has earned many accolades for it’s excellent service and almost infallible service. Truecaller is available on all major mobile platforms namely Blackberry, Symbian, Android, iOS and Windows.

Truecaller multi platform

What Truecaller does is when you receive an unknown call, it searches Truecaller’s vast directory and finds the match to the number and retrieves the name associated with the number. The secret to the is vast directory are Truecallers users themselves. What this app does is it copies your entire phone directory and adds it to it’s global directory. And with each entry there is a score associated. When many people block a caller they are added to the spammers list. Truecaller for iOS

Truecaller also blocks spammers to keep pesky telemarketers at bay. The app auto downloads the top spammers list according to your region and blocks any calls from them. Other than auto direction it also features a reverse dictionary, which means you can enter a phone number and find the name associated with that number. This app can also be used to link with social networking sites like facebook and twitter to sync contact photos, status with your contacts on your smartphone.

When we used this app, the app was able to find the correct owner of the number 8 out of 10 tries. These are pretty good statastics for an app that’s completely free. It was also quite fast on 3G netwrok the app could search the number in about 5 seconds after the phone started ringing. Whereas on WiFi it was almost instantaneous.  A truly useful app and being free it is highly recommended by us. You can download this app from their official website.

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