Slowly and steadily as BlackBerry 10 aggrandizes its course to mark a presence in user’s lives, here we are treated to a preview of the BlackBerry 10 right on your iPhone or Android device This brand new operating system called BlackBerry 10 has surfaced up to create a buzz amongst the mobile phone users. According to certain reports, the Canadian mobile manufacturer has managed to sell one million of its all-new BlackBerry Z10 smartphones; which are running the latest software. With the presented lowdowns, it is estimated that these reported a fourth quarter profit of $98 million.

The aforementioned operation of facilitating BlackBerry 10 right on your iPhone or Android device can be manifested in this easy manner. You need to simply go to the Safari on your iPhone and go to for the first appearance of BlackBerry 10.BlackBerry-10-logo-

As dished out from the presented revelations, it is not possible to easily follow a set of pre-determined actions. Furthermore, other software’s key capabilities like the predictive virtual keyboard, the Hub, BBM Video and Screen Share and the Time Shift camera have also been dished out to the users. The Hub market is an excellent added functionality which presents its arrival in this version.


Moreover, another additional functionality has been added in the form of a Time Shifting camera which promises to be a useful feature and a welcome addition on the iPhone. This is also residential on Android handsets, however  BlackBerry 10′s Time Shifting camera sets apart from the rest with respect to the interface.

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