Note 5

Samsung launched Galaxy S6 this year and it did well with Samsung adding metal body and unibody design. Samsung will follow the same strategy with Galaxy Note 5. Courtesy of, the first images of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have been leaked online. was also the first one to leak details about Galaxy S6 and it turned out to be true. So there is a good chance it will happen the same now.

Looking at the image of Galaxy Note 5, it is quite similar to Galaxy S6 launched earlier this year. However you can see distinct cuts for the S-Pen.

One change from the earlier Note devices and a big one, would be the unibody design which was mentioned earlier. This means Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will not have the removable battery which will anger many users. Note series is a power series and many people carry a spare battery. Now that will be rendered useless.

Initially, when Samsung launched the first Note, there were no phablets so no competition. Now almost each and every competitor is launching a phablet so it has made it necessary for Samsung to use premium metal for the body.

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