On April 1st, like many Companies like Google, SwiftKey also decided to prank it’s fans with the “so-called” feature addition to their Famous Android Keyboard app, called as the SwiftKey Tilt! SwiftKey Tilt claims to give you a Full Body typing experience. It was an almost convincing feature by SwiftKey. The company didn’t only release an official statement along with a video to advertise it’s “new” feature they also left an Easter egg in it’s latest update.

You can View the Video of SwiftKey Tilt here:

As mentioned earlier the Company has also made an Easter Egg in the latest update to ensure that some of it’s smart users may stumble upon the prank feature of SwiftKey Tilt. Yes you can actually use the feature as depicted in the video above. However you cannot actually type using this feature rather only select word predictions. This is a brilliant way nevertheless to fool your friends and showing off as being one of the first people to have this latest amazing update of SwiftKey Tilt.

To enable this prank¬†feature simply type the word “tilt” in any text field in your phone using SwiftKey and then long press the word prediction of tilt to show a menu pop up. Then select the SwiftKey Tilt option. Now you’ll see a pinball that can be controlled by tilting the phone. Bounce the ball on the word prediction bar and the words will be entered in the text field. It is essential to have the Latest version ( of the app to enable this feature. Now you can amaze your friends as being the first to get the latest Tilt feature on your phone!

SwiftKey Tilt

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