As opinions tumble and decisions stumble, we begin for the next phase of the adjudication that propelled lilting up ignited after the first round of the war front began. So, what lies ahead in the sequel to the imposed law judgment? Surely no doubt to the fact that the patent system is a terribly broken condition and Samsung maybe will have to come up with more ideas or pay for the patents. Now, unquestionably the verdict thrives the development of a strong base for innovation of own ideas and creations rather than implement crazy versions of Apple products.

Samsung Galaxy series vs Apple iPhone

Apple notched up a victory by proving Samsung of infringement, but the quest for conquering the final frontier will take place after a request is submitted on 29th August by Apple for allowing Samsung to counter and come back at the level playing field against the charges. Thus the jury will commence the hearing on 20th September giving Samsung two weeks to refute any claims or pay heed to the guilt. Will this be the case of awakening the dragon? Or the usual Android outpacing iPhone will never cease?

Beyond shadow of doubt, Apple has won a larger reward but it is the consumers who lose with this verdict as time flows we would see rapid efficacious changes in the designs going effective over a while or is it really a case of justice well served in Apple’s plate?

Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit

In the midst of these happenings that cultivate on, All Things D point out that there will be attempts from Samsung to overturn the whole argument and hence will pursue the appeal process. As tagging along with the continual of discussions, there were also certain exchanges and views, opinions discussed by Nilay Patel from The Verge remarking about Android’s slow run off to changing UI and physical appearances with respect to the lessons viewed from the verdict. Who knows, maybe from this pronouncement Samsung might come up with something unimaginable innovating new ways to interact with UI’s and other aspects and after the iClones we were put forward gazing at our eyes, it proves a blessing in disguise that manufacturers/developers/company giants will be forced to come up with new ideas.

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