As Smartphones ascend to be integral members of our lives, the ease of use facilitated by these devices propel an advantageous proportionality with respect to various situations. We can enjoy, laugh, cry or have fun with the existent categories of apps. Along these lines, let’s have a look at five widely peculiar apps that aid in the course of providing laughter through the specific applications.


Fat Booth

FatBooth is an advantageous functionality that provisions out a result of a picture’s blown up version. Thus the result can be hilarious and the app dishes out the laughter phenomenon in this regard. The particularized app works in the manner that initially the transfer of images shot or stored to the app’s framework is done to the specified location. The storage can simply be done by inserting or dragging and the app helps in generating a huge fat version of the face in the photo. Therefore this change produces a bloated picture of the respective photo and it can be used to play around with friends and give them shocker of pics instantaneously. This app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

Funny Zingers

Funny Zingers

The peculiarity of the app is that the app helps in formulating a definitive funny one-liner. The app includes a plethora of collection that bestows cool sayings along with the other fun liners. Therefore this is an ideal app to start a laughter marathon or provide the wannabe individuals with some collection of liners that they can crack joke after joke. These generated one-liners can also be produced on T shirts, Desktop and Phone wallpapers because they are witty and laughable at the same time.



The trait of this particular application focuses on imitating your mouth movements during the time that they are held in an appropriate position. This is viewable with the teeth skeleton producing up exact movements that anyone’s mouth is capable of making during instances when individuals talk to each other. Therefore this app is a huge hit amongst children and it provides comicality galore. This app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

Best Jokes 500

500 best jokes

This app is a static Android app which constitutes around five hundred great jokes from various sources stored onto a single platform! Thus it a perfect fit during circumstances when you want to lighten the mood and need a joke for the situation. In this app, jokes range right from political and propel upto slapstick or from sarcasm to physical. This app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

Epic Vibrator

Epic Vibrator

Quirky, witty and an amusing app. It provides the perfect tomfoolery along with the playfulness i.e., associated with the app. Epic Vibrator is kind of a crazy kind of vibration effect which results in the atmosphere going berserk with the laughter during any instance of time. This app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

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