The Cydia Store is a superb repository that resides several useful functionalities along with the other necessitated tips and tricks. These specified resources serve beneficial for customizing the user interface on the particularized iOS device. Just previously we provided an overview of an app that helped in providing customization for the lock screen of the iPhone. This was by the name of Axis the served propitious customization facilities. Along these lines, another such jailbreak app called FXOSLock bestows to provide helpful utilities for making changes only to the unlock slider.

This particularized tweak helps in changing the working of the unlock slider and ends up giving it a makeover. Moreover the lock screen’s functionality remains the same. The itemizations offered by the tweak aids in unlocking the device efficiently and also the user is entitled to open the camera within seconds.FXOSLock

Once you download and install the particularized tweak, you can easily view the lock screen replaced and the slider label gets provisioned out. Additionally the bars i.e., present on the lock screen at the bottom and the respective unlock slider along with the camera grabber option gets eradicated. But the individuals have the option of sliding the particularized white circle icon towards the two specified arrows located in the middle. This can be slided by default to the left from where the camera can be launched directly.

Check out the video demo to view the tweak in action:

The device can be easily unlocked by simply moving the white circle to the right hand side. The interface looks neat and uncluttered. Additionally the tweak also supports the passcode option. This tweak FXOSLock is available for $0.99 and can be downloaded from the Cydia Store.

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