Along with the S series, Samsung’s Note series have become a raging hit among the masses. Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 were a huge success for Samsung. And soon, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is to be launched.

According to the rumors, Galaxy Note 3 is to have 3GB of RAM. This development comes after it recently came to light that the LG G2 will be the first smartphone to have 3GB RAM.

It is assumed that the Galaxy Note 3 will have two models – the 3G model and the LTE variant. The 3G model was expected to only offer 2GB of RAM. But it now appears that both models will sport the same memory.

With 3GB of RAM, the Galaxy Note 3 will supposedly measure with a mere 8mm depth, while weighing in at a slimline 183 grams. It’s weight is similar to the Galaxy Note 2, but it will be 1.4mm thinner than the previous phone.

The Galaxy Note 3 will have a huge 5.9″ screen and it is believed to have the same octa-core chip used in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung could unveil the device as soon as September 4th, around the time Berlin’s IFA kicks off.

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