Talk about creating an image before it’s released! Samsung just promises to master that aspect in the newly released teaser advert. According to speculations, Samsung’s flagship the Galaxy S5 is expected to arrive at Mobile World Congress 2014 and before anyone can make conclusions regarding the device; Samsung has gone ahead and released an advert that flaunts the Galaxy S5 divulging out information on the upcoming handset.

This teaser marks its presence in the form of 36-second ad and exhibits various aspects like curiosity, peace, fun, speed, victory, connect, create, and focus, outdoor and waterproofing functionalities of the itemized revelation. These aspects are viewable by the flashing of various words in the video. Also, these are featured along with the number “5” in superscript.

Illustrating and using so many adjectives in their teaser video, Samsung is surely testing the imagination of consumers. And by releasing out such type of a unique video, Samsung plans to attract the users towards the unveiling of their flagship. These adjectives are attributed to be divulging revelations about the device’s new fitness features, the waterproofing availability and the facilitation of enhanced camera software. Furthermore, the cinematic effect i.e., the slow-motion video displayable by the upcoming Galaxy S5 should follow along the lines of Apple’s iPhone. At present there is no accurate source to confirm this information; however it is construed that the Galaxy S5 will come along with a wide array of features.

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