candy crush saga

Candy Crush is a game by It is a Puzzle solving game that will keep you busy with it’s captivating gameplay. The game is fun and easy to play however difficult to master. Having over 200 levels, the limit of lives can make the game quite difficult. Anyone who has played the Candy Crush Saga game will know just how annoying it is when your stuck on a level and you run out of lives, especially when you are playing in the work toilet and your stuck on a level.

To make the game a little easier and to keep you interested, XDA Senior member dully79 has modified the APK file of the game so that you can get 1000 lives and/or unlock all Levels so as to enrich your game playing experience. Since the APK file is already modified it is not a complex procedure to implement the MOD. Here is the procedure to install the modified APK file:

Note: Remember that all your current game data will be game lost in this process.


  1. To backup your game data simply press the Facebook button on the main screen of the game menu and log in using the Facebook account.
  2. Now Uninstall the currently installed version of “Candy Crush Saga”
  3. Download the Modified APK file according to your need:
    1. 1000 lives
    2. 1000 lives and 203 levels unlocked
  4. On your phone go to Settings>Security > Unknown Applications and tick it.
  5. Connect your phone with the PC/MAC and transfer the downloaded file to your SDcard.
  6. Using a file manager navigate to the transferred file and install the game.
  7. Enjoy!

Let us know if you need any help!

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  • Candy Cody

    i downloaded the 1000 lives and 203 levels unlocked version but the levels were not unlocked, only got the 1000 lives. ? :(

    • nikolas

      me 2 .. something is wrong

      • roshan

        me too…. wat now??

    • Nekosama23X

      All the levels ARE unlocked, BUT,you have to play through the whole game.
      In the original game, the levels are unlocked through the help of your FACEBOOK friends.
      In this MOD, you won’t have the hassle of going online and ask for their help.
      I noticed that it won’t connect to Facebook too, probably since it IS a modified copy already, therefore, somewhat an illegal version(?)

  • marie

    I dont know wat to do

  • yutasana

    I cant connect to facebook after install the hack aoo

    • The Mobi Mag

      You have to connect to Facebook before the Hack. So, that you can backup your previous played game!

  • hendra

    Same, i cant connect to face book too…. help please…..

  • Nt

    203? Levels unlocked anyone?

    • The Mobi Mag

      The Levels will get unlocked as you keep crossing every level

  • pinoyAko

    You need to disable/uninstall your fb apps. And let ccs to connect itself to fb.

    • Gizelle

      pinoy din ako…I did all that I disacled, un installed, re-installed, etc. still can’t connect to FB…please help

      • The Mobi Mag

        It is a Patched copy of the game, so don’t connect it :)

        • V1sual1mpact

          If rooted the process is easy to connect to facebook. First, insure you have the ORIGINAL APP FROM THE PLAY STORE INSTALLED. Now open your app and login to your facebook. Once you successfully log in then exit the app. Now you need to install from the play store (titanium backup). You must be rooted for this to work. Open up titanium backup and backup your original candy crush app. This will also backup your data automatically. Once completed go ahead and uninstall the original candy crush app. Now go ahead and install the MODDED candy crush app. Once modded app is installed then go back into titanium backup and restore your candy crush backup. MAKE SURE YOU RESTORE (DATA ONLY)!!!. Once restoration is completed go ahead and open up your MODDED candy crush app and profit.

          • V1sual1mpact

            If you are not rooted then the only other method to connect to facebook would be to COMPLETELY UNINSTALL your facebook app. Some devices may have facebook as a system app (which means you cannot remove it unless you are rooted which if you are rooted it would be best to follow my other instructions). If you are lucky and facebook is not a system app then uninstall it completely. Now go into your modded candy crush app and login to facebook. What this does is instead of connecting to your facebook via the app it will instead connect to your facebook via the website. Login through the website. Once completed, profit. At this point you can go ahead and reinstall facebook. You will remain connected to facebook on candy crush as long as you do not log off. If you log off then you will have to follow this procedure again to regain connection.

          • V1sual1mpact

            To determine if facebook is a system app or not is easy. Go to the play store and search up facebook. Click uninstall. If a window pops up saying something like this, (Do you want to uninstall all updates to this Android system app?), then you are not lucky and you will NOT be able to connect to candy crush unless you root your device. If you do not get that message then congratulations, you can continue on with my above instructions and gain connection. Profit.

          • V1sual1mpact

            Mobi Mag, I have a cracked version of Candy Crush I would like to send to you so that you may upload it on this site if you wish. It is 1.17 version. Features are as followed:

            *Unlimited Lives (it shows 99)
            *No tickets
            *All Worlds are unlocked (and yes you can see them unlocked)
            *All levels are unlocked (and yes you can see them unlocked)
            *Make illegal moves (it still counts towards your available moves – so choose wisely ;-) ..)
            *Instant wins on all Jelly stages
            *Custom music (dubstep) – this makes the apk larger than average
            *can connect to facebook as long as instructions are followed precisely as mentioned in my previous comments above.

            In regards to the worlds and levels being unlocked… Here is an example:

            If you are on level 50 you can literally jump to level 200 for example and play that level if you so desire. You are not limited on which level you wish to play. You can even go and play the very last stage if one chooses too. Otherwise, you can play in order as normal – left up to the player.

            I am willing to share this apk, just need to know something. Hit me up on here :-).

          • V1sual1mpact

            I will be working on 1.18 sooner or later lol.

  • nirun

    How to unlock the 203 level.

    • The Mobi Mag

      The Levels will get unlocked as you keep playing and crossing each level

  • DJ

    When I go to the 1000 lives and 203 levels unlocked.. it just says authorize download but the more stuff I do its still not letting me download it any help please

    • The Mobi Mag

      Don’t try to authorize.. Because, it is not an Original copy of the game :)

  • Gizelle

    me too, it’s great that I have unlimited lives but I can’t connect to facebook, it just keeps re-trying and fails…HELP SIR TECH A LOT ;0(

    • The Mobi Mag

      It is a MODDed file.. So, don’t connect it to Facebook

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