Audiophiles often complain that Android devices not being able to deliver the quality of sound that an iPod can. People refuse to replace their iPods with their Android smartphones. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a profession sound quality on your android smartphone itself. Thus making the use of carrying a separate music player redundant! Here is a MOD made by XDA Senior Member BSDgeek_Jake called HDSoundEngine2.


There are many other Sound MODs for android like Beats Audio, ACID, Sony XLoud etc. but what stands about HDSoundEngine2 is the 24 bit processing which isn’t supported by any other MOD. HDSoundEngine2 is a Professional Sound Engine with Audio Modeling Processors, Sound Effects Libraries, Sound Re-Sampling Libraries, Optimized Sound Configurations and Advanced Soundstage which allows your ears to hear High Defenition Sound in Crytal Clear and Balanced LOW/MID/HIGH frequencies without any Distortion and Overdrive.

HDSOUND Processing Engine Includes:

  • Noozxoide XLimiter™
  • Noozxoide Balanced X-EQ™
  • Noozxoide LogicSurround™
  • Noozxoide NogicQ™
  • Noozxoide ESXCircle360™
  • Noozxoide Psychoacoustic™ II (Noozxoide MaxxBass II™)
  • Noozxoide NRxn™
  • Sony Clear Audio
  • Resampling and Post-Pre Processing

With all these effects its guaranteed to blow your mind! The MOD did create a noticeable difference in Sound quality.

This MOD is Only supported by Android Version 4.0+ i.e ICS and Jellybean.  It is not Supported by Gingerbread.

All the following Music Players are supported by this MOD:

  • Neutron Player 32bit/64bit Generic/NEON
  • PowerAmp 
  • jetAudio 
  • RocketPlayer
  • BBE SonicMax Pro 
  • NRG Player 
  • PlayerPro 
  • Stock Player 

Let’s see a tutorial to Install this MOD:


  • Rooted Device.
  • Custom Recovery (Refer to the article Recovery X to see how to install custom recovery )
  • Download HDSoundEngine2 core zip.
  • Download HDSoundEngine2 Configuration zip
  • Download HDSoundEngine2 failsafe zip.
  • Make Backup via recovery(Nandroid backup)


  1. Transfer all the downloaded files to your SD card of your cellphone.
  2. Power off the device.
  3. Enter Recovery mode of your Device.
  4. Make a backup.
  5. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
  6. Install HDSoundEngine2 core zip and reboot.
  7. If there are no FCs or bootloops then continue else restore your device via recovery as the MOD is not compatible with your device.
  8. Enter Recovery mode of your Device.
  9. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
  10. Install HDSoundEngine2 configuration zip and reboot.
  11. Enjoy the great sound quality. If you face NO SOUND output then continue ahead.
  12. Enter Recovery mode of your Device.
  13. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
  14. Install HDSoundEngine2 failsafe zip and reboot.
  15. If the MOD still doesn’t work then restore from the backup you created earlier.

Once you have successfully installed the MOD disable any Sound processing like PowerAmp’s Native Sound Enhancement.
HDSoundEngine2 - COnfiguration
Open the App called Noozxoide EIZO and configure according to your liking!

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