It is a usual aspect as to exercising the keyboard of a handset. The individual can use it for various purposes or applications that suit its functionality. This is the benchmark for carrying out the communication over the different mediums. The general apprehension when an individual types a message or responds to a chat on a Smartphone, the user has the knack of the words that are typed and the length of the sentence one builds up.

However, in some instances it may so happen that a user types the respective message in a hurry or fails to frame write sentences during an important conversation or mail. The typing may include the hustle bustle activity in crunch situations & the urgency levels could cause a problematic situation over the current instance of time. Thus, having a keyboard that eventually proof reads & notifies the user of what he/she is typing is a beneficial aspect in a large way.
Speaking Keyboard

During several times it may so happen that the individual will prefer the text being read at the moment the respective thing is typed on the keyboard. Considering the older apps that were available previously, this distinctive facility wasn’t bestowed by any of the applications. Some of them did aid in understanding the purpose to read the text, but the reading of individual words wasn’t present before. An application that serves its purpose has signalled its arrival on the Cydia Store is the Speaking Keyboard.

This particular tweak is aimed at a peculiar feature that wasn’t operational previously. The feature that is presented out by the app is that the user can read what the user is typing at that particular moment of time. There is availability of selection of specific words separately, spellings, entire sentences which notably the particular tweak can speak. Once the jailbreak app is downloaded, displayed consequently is a menu in the Settings of the app. But, no changes are made at the beginning to the stock keyboard. Additionally, there is no creation of icons on Springboard.List of options

A set of specific toggles can be turned on for enabling of this tweak. For the accomplishment of the resultant mission, presented are a set of options namely for the “speech mode” and Chat, Spelling and Conversation. Eventually, upon the selection of the particular option, a set of targeted functionalities are performed. The first option results in the putting forth words when the spacebar is hit, the second is functional in the way that individual alphabets are spoken and also reading of the complete word will happen when the spacebar is tapped. The third option gives away functionality on pressing the return key to hear the passage. Hence, in this way the whole typed content is sorted.

The particular application is available for $1 in the Cydia Store. Lay hands on the app by searching through BigBoss repository. The only disadvantage lies in the fact that the app can’t be turn off because there is no toggle to do so.

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