When you have an active online circle and a routine life including social networking, Smartphone usage, photograph storing and sharing videos, movies, songs, pictures, sitcoms etc; you don’t want to lose this content due to lack to data storage available on your portable devices. Gone are the days of having multiple flash drives, purchasing external HDD’s to store in various files and data. Now-a-days, the general phenomenon is people don’t like carrying everything from place to place or open Laptop or external HDDs, USB drives to get files; in such cases using Cloud Storage proves a magnificent idea and keeping them safe and secure serves as the additional benefit for storing more information.

Architecture of Cloud Storage services

With inflation rising, expensive storage components, huge collection of photos, innumerous movie collection, disk space clogged up, never-ending music collection have become a part of our everyday life. To construe a solution and to overcome these hassles, the prominent rise of Online Cloud Storage is indeed a monumental rise into another dimension. Here, introduced are the commonly used Online Storage Apps which have their established pros and cons by various users. The following sections gives the list of 5 Best Free Android Apps that allow storage of data on the cloud.


The most popular of the lot, its simplicity and ease of use was the primary reason that it became so famous. Constituted with easy sharing, using the collaboration options within this application, it is possible to carry along everything at any moment that matters most to us. The major serviceability is that the files remain safe and easily accessible with the online Dropbox account. However, it is basic online storage but not complete computer backup. The excellent superlative feature of this App is that it keeps a one month history of all files. Hence, this aids in restoring files quickly, if a person has accidentally deleted files.

Features of Dropbox:Dropbox Cloud Storage Android App

  • Videos, photos can be saved
  • It offers more flexibility than other services, offering Unlimited bandwidth
  • Easy to edit docs, simple to share photos, video
  • Email attachments can be directly saved
  • Version tracking system
  • Documents can be shared with people who haven’t registered with Dropbox

By referring and inviting new users, (a 500MB bonus space apiece) the Dropbox memory space can be raised by up to 18GB without even spending a single penny. Paid storage is also available but expensive, prices starting from $9.99 a month for 100GB of extra storage. In this fashion, the drawbacks of limited space can be eliminated.

Download Link: Download Dropbox from Google Play store

Developer: Dropbox, Inc.


Mostly geared for business purposes as it includes various content management tools, online work-spaces, task management, a built-in editing system but the free account is also nicely embraced to offer dumping on the Cloud and freeing storage on the device.

Features of Box.net: Box.net Cloud Storage

  • The content is serviceable, created, viewed on the Android or tablet
  • Constitutes built-in search, that accelerates finding content
  • Easy for sharing files and folders containing links
  • Provision for uploading multiple images, videos and files from SD card

The best peculiar functionality is that many files can be uploaded to your Box at once. This can be done in the following steps:

  1. Open Folder from which we need to upload files (photos, documents, music) Go to menu and click SHARE.
  2. Choose and check the boxes to upload. Present with a functionality to add a widget to the home screen. This is for the purpose to see updated files by colleagues.
  3. Also, additionally others can be invited to shared folders and leave comments on them.

Download Link: Download Box.net App from the Google Play store

Developer: Box.net


Mozy is a popular automated cloud backup solution and offers exceptional features in the easy-to-use program. The job is made easier after we download the program. Just after the App is installed, we can transfer files into the online storage system. It’s classical ease necessitates absence of complication. It advances on the drag-and-drop method to just move items anytime, anywhere!

Features of Mozy: Mozy Cloud Storage Android App

  • The contents can be accessible from any Android phone securely
  • Aids in reading documents, playing music, browsing photographs, and sharing files
  • Files of all shapes and sizes can be stored.

Download LinkDownload Mozy from Google Play store

developer: Decho Corporation


This App can run in the background and automatically sync photos. A perfect fit for a photography addict who wishes store all the snaps on the Droid. Thus, it acts as an efficient fix for memory saving as we can delete the photos from the phone, but can still accesses them via the SugarSync app. Initially 5GB free storage is given to start with, but with the referral link below, we can get extra storage:

Referral Link

Features of Sugarsync: Sugarsync Android App

  • Automatic online backup instated so that if a file is lost, data can be transferred and stored securely.
  • Adorned with the Universal Sync platform that is enjoined with the first real ‘push’ synchronizing system. A folder can be chosen to sync and share the data. There is automatic synchronization possible and users can acess it via multiple devices!
  • Its fast and comes with an intuitive interface

Download LinkDownload Sugarsync App from the Google Play store

Developer: SugarSync, Inc.


Fiabee can act as a tough competitor to Dropbox because of the available introductory feature that it provides the users with. When you sign up using their Android app (and for limited time), users are bestowed with 15GB free space as the introductory offer. Special aspect of this App is its diversity as it’s available in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Korean.

Features of FiabeeFiabee Android App

  • Its includes the drag and drop feature directly instilled from the HTML5 interface present in the Chrome. Also photos can be instantly taken and uploaded to account.
  • Aids in searching all devices in a speedy fashion, even in offline mode.
  • Provides the attribute of auto bulk upload of all photos to the cloud when detection of WiFi connection happens.
  • Documents can be edited from Android device(using commercial editor for Android) and then auto sync to all devices.
  • Photos, files can be centralized to social network profiles (Google Docs, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa)

Download LinkDownload Fiabee from the Google Play store

Developer: Tuso Technologies

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