Usually it is a known fact that good apps turn out to be the paid ones. However, there are lot of solutions to these governing problems. Also the user has the advantageous perspective of downloading these cracked iOS apps for free. AppAddict is a fantastic source where the user can find cracked iOS apps with a plethora options. Additionally, the individual has the facility to search for the apps. Eventually after he/she finds the respective app the user can download the same with a link which is given below the app.



  • Jailbroken iOS device
  • Internet Connection

Steps to Download AppAddict for iOS Cracked Apps:

  1. At the beginning, you will have to open Cydia app store. You will need a jailbroken device to facilitate this aspect.
  2. Hereafter you should select the manage option. Next go to Sources.
  3. Thereafter you will find the edit option from the right hand side of the screen. Choose the edit option and later you will have to add this source in the new window
  4. Once you follow the above instructions, AppSync is required for continuing the process further.  Henceforward when you go back to Cydia, you should tap new repo and eventually search AppSync. However, it is a point to be noted that this activity is done based on your firmware.
  5. After this, you will need to go to Henceforth, you will have to utilize the slider to install AppAddict on your respective iOS device.


Steps to get cracked iOS apps for free [using the AppAddict]:

  1. After you have installed AppAddict on your specific iOS device, you will have to choose this app & go on the categories.
  2. Next search the particular app that you want to download on your iOS device. Select this app & view the description. Click on the respective links & the download links to download your cracked iOS app for free.
  3. Therefore, this is a beneficial approach to get cracked iOS apps for free.


It is a point to be noted that cracked iOS apps are free but it is illegal. We do not encourage such mechanisms or preach these principles. It is advised that you download these cracked iOS apps for just checking the specific iOS app. Also, accordingly the performance can be checked before you go for the actual app.

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