Adobe flash player has been around for ages. A huge number of websites use flash. However with the launch of HTML 5, things are expected to change. HTML 5 is supposed to take over from flash. However, it wont be soon enough that HTML 5 is implemented worldwide, till then good old flash player is what will enable you to surf all websites.

flash player for android

Adobe systems has announced that flash will not be supported for any devices from android v4.1.x (jellybean) on wards. This is a step to promote the use of HTML 5. Since JellyBean’s stock browser as well as chrome both support HTML 5, once HTML 5 replaces flash the lack of flash player won’t be noticed. This is indeed a good move, however the world isn’t ready for HTML 5 just as of yet. Sice most of the websites are still using Flash, it is necessary to use flash player to surf the web.

However if you’re running jellybean, you cannot install flash player from the Play store. However you can download and install it from unofficial source. Here is a small tutorial to install flash player 11.



  1. Plug your device is file transfer mode to your PC.
  2. Place the apk file in your microSD card.
  3. Unplug the device.
  4. Navigate to the apk from any file manager and install it.
  5. Now you have flash player 11 on your android device running Jellybean.

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