There are number of ways to multitask in an Android device. Samsung had introduced the multi-window feature for some select Galaxy range of devices. There are some Sony Xperia devices which have the Small apps feature. And more recently, the floating apps have also become a very common phenomenon. Floating Stickies and Floating Draw have been extremely useful apps.


Now another floating app has surfaced up in the Google Play Store – Overlays. Developed by XDA Senior Member liorry, Overlays allows the user to place any widget already installed on the device above an already running application. For example, the user can float the music player widget over the maps application and easily multitask.


The Overlays app has a very limited use since only the existing widgets can be used as floating widgets. But it is quite handy when the user wants to keep a calculator hovering over a spreadsheet or keep one eye on the Twitter feed while watching YouTube.

Some other features of Overlays are:

  • Presence of some in-house overlays – clock, battery, weather, missed calls, unread SMS count and shortcuts
  • The user can create as many profiles as he/she wants
  • Ability to switch between the profiles easily
  • Rearrangere-size and delete the overlays, even when using a different application
  • Supports different positioning for portrait and landscape orientation
  • Overlay transparency, however this feature is still in alpha stage

Like many apps, Overlays has a lite version and a pro version on the Google Play Store. The pro version is just a key and the lite version is needed for it to work. Pro version unlocks new features – create unlimited profiles, task integration, create a profiles blacklist and clear the screen from big widgets without losing the option to use them anytime from anywhere.

Overlays is only compatible with Android Ice Cream Sandwich and above (4.0+).
Download Overlays lite version from here.
Download Overlays pro version from here.

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