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Different Android manufacturers have their own firmwares with unique designs and features. In some firmwares, the contact picture appears very small in case of incoming calls. So the user might want a larger contact picture while receiving the calls. This can be achieved using the app Ultimate Call Screen HD.

Ultimate Call Screen HD makes the calling experience a bit more enjoyable. The user will get a full screen contact picture not only while receiving the calls but also while dialing the contacts. This app adds some additional features to the old fashioned calling style.

The user can receive and display incoming text messages, even turning on the display when the device is asleep. Along with this, Ultimate Call Screen HD also offers the option to block contacts. The user can create a whitelist, blacklist, block a specific number, block the unknown numbers as well as block all the numbers as per his/her requirements.

Ultimate Call Screen HD2

Some other features of Ultimate Call Screen HD include:

  • Choose pictures from gallery, take from camera or link to Facebook friends using their HD profile pictures
  • Apply pictures to contacts directly from your gallery, with the android “share” function. Just choose “Add to UCS”
  • Answer calls with buttons, sliding buttons, rotary buttons, swipe gestures
  • Configure your phone to hangup calls, put on speaker or mute ringer simply by turning the phone screen-down
  • Swipe gestures to reject and answer calls
  • Fullscreen Missed Calls Notifications, with dismiss, callback and answer functions, and configurable swipe gestures
  • Complete theme support for both call and SMS screens, personalizable per contact
  • Picture syncing of HD pictures to phone internal contacts
  • Privacy Screen: hide incoming call and SMS details from prying eyes until it’s safe to pick-up/read


Ultimate Call Screen HD is a free app available on the Google Play Store. It works on Android 2.1 (Eclair) and above.
Download Ultimate Call Screen HD from here.

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