Android and iOS are two giants in the Smartphone world. The opinions are divided as to which OS is better. Usually, an individual is a supporter of only one. But there are certain aspects in both Android and iOS that are admired by both set of supporters. iOS is known for it’s beautiful UI. The music app in the iOS has a great look and feel. The good news for Android users is that they can get a feel of it on their phones too.

iMusic is an app which resembles to the iOS music app. After the iMusic app is installed on the Android, it gives a realistic feel of the iOS music app. The functionality of this app is slightly different though. iMusic app combines the benefits of both Android and iOS.


It has the great look of iOS 6 along with the flexibility of the Android OS. Unlike in iOS, the user has the option to keep widget on the homescreen of the smartphone. All the basic iOS features like seamless playback, the ability to browse by artist, album, or title, and the option to create playlists are also present in this app. iMusic app supports various languages – English,German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese language. It also has the feature to set an audio file as a custom ringtone.


However, iMusic app comes with some limitations. An individual cannot change music tracks from the lock-screen as found in the PowerAmp music player. Another one is that it isn’t compatible with the iTunes on the PC.

There are two versions of iMusic on Google Play Store – free and pro. Pro version has two additional features –  genre list support and no ads.
Download iMusic free version from here.
Download iMusic Pro version from here

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