Whatsapp Recently Updated the app and adopted the HOLO theme in order to adapt to the changing interface on Android. The latest App looks spectacular and has been Designed specially for newer devices that have ICS or JB. It also adopts Jellybean’s expandable Notification so that you can read your messages in the notification bar itself rather than launching the app to check for every message that you get.Whatsapp

Thought the latest version 2.9.4172 is rich in features, the performance has somewhat degraded for devices with low RAM or which are still running on Gingerbread. The degraded performance on the slower devices has put off many users, hence they prefer to use the older version of Whatsapp or use Whatsapp+. Though Whatsapp+ is a good alternative that gives you extreme customization, it lacks the Beautiful HOLO UI.

There is a solution to this predicament of users owning an older Android device in which Whatsapp 2.9.4172 runs slower. The APKof Whatsapp has been optimized and zipaligned by XDA’s Recognized contributor LeoPosas. Follow the following procedure to get Whatsapp version 2.9.4172 optimized for slower devices:

  1. Download the APK file of Whatsapp from here.
  2. Connect your Device to your PC/MAC and transfer the downloaded file into your SD card.
  3. Uninstall any older version of Whatsapp.
  4. Now navigate to the folder where you’ve transferred the APK.
  5. Now Install the file and enjoy the faster and optimized version of Whatsapp.


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