Paranoid Android is one of the most popular and widely used ROMs in the Android community. Its most attractive feature is its highly efficient multitasking capabilities. This is possible because of two main features of the ROM – Pie and Halo. The Pie is a customizable replacement for the on-screen navigation buttons that are found in some devices whereas the Halo is a floating button that displays notifications from various apps on your phone without having to launch the app separately.

Now however, this Pie like feature can be installed on any Android device with an app called Pie Control. This has been made possible by XDA member EatHeat. The app acts similarly to the Paranoid Android’s Pie and offers almost all the functions that it provides. And the biggest plus point is that it works on all ROMs and devices running Android 2.2 and above. However, please note that the app requires that your device be rooted as some of its features need root access.

The Pie Control app

The app offers basic controls such as Home, Back, and Menu. Apart from this, it also offers additional controls like Volume Up, Volume Down, Power Off, Play Store, Search and Pie settings. Thus this app is specially beneficial to users whose hardware buttons have been damaged or those who prefer touch controls rather than the hardware buttons.

Pie Control Controls

The app can be called over any screen with the help of triggers which are fully customizable. These triggers can be on the left, right or on both sides of the screen as per your choice. You can even customize the height, thickness, color and transparency of the trigger areas yourself. The app also allows you to customize the pie itself with options to personalize the inner and outer radius, top menu, sub menu and selected menu color and also the menu transparency.

Pie Control Settings

You can download the apk of the app which was provided free by the developer. Or if you wish to donate to the developer, you can do so by purchasing the paid version from the play store. Both the versions provide the same functionalities and there are no extra features in the paid version.

Pie Control apk file
Pie Control (Paid) Play Store link

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