iPhone has surely made some huge waves in the sea of smartphones. Best known for it’s smooth interface and amazing features, iPhones lack a few things as compared to Android devices and one of them is a custom keyboard or even smileys. It is fun to use smileys during chat, SMS, and MMS. Earlier you have to get an app to serve this purpose, but since iOS 5 it comes as s built-in feature. You can get smileys on your iPhone in a few simple steps.


  1. Go to Settings on your home screen.iPhone Emoji
  2. Select General option in the list.iPhone  Emoji
  3. Click on KeyboardsiPhone Emoji
  4. Select Add New KeyboardiPhone Emoji
  5. Scroll down through the list till you find Emoji listed in it, Select it.iPhone Emoji
  6. Now press the home button and go to any app like Message, Whatsapp, etc where you want to use the Emoji Smileys. Open the keyboard to start using Emoji. Select the Language button which is placed in the bottom left corner shaped as a globe.iPhone Emoji
  7. There you have it, all Emoji smileys at your disposal. Now you are ready to use these Smileys as you want to change to the normal keyboard again just click the globe button again.iPhone Emoji

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