Xperia Z is announced to be the latest addition to the Xperia 2013 line up. It’s been only half a month in the year and we already have the leaked and ported Xperia Home launcher ready to be installed on any device. Sony’s Xperia Line up is well known for it’s stylized home launcher. Sony has come up with a new interface for it’s new 2013 Xperia Lineup. Xperia Z being the first in line among many others expected to follow.

xperia z

Even before it’s launch the Home Launcher of Xperia Z has been leaked. And thanks to ThilinaC @ XDA Developers for porting the same to a generic form that can be used on any device. The New Interface has resemblance to the older Xperia Lineup home launcher, but still you can sense an added freshness that makes it a treat for the eyes. Here is the tutorial to get the new Xperia Z home launcher on your device.

Note: This Tutorial may not work for a few devices. You can always check in again with this article for further developments.



  1. Download the necessary files.
  2. Connect your device to the PC and transfer the files to your SD card.
  3. Power down your device.
  4. Restart the phone to enter recovery mode.(Every device has a different method to enter recovery mode, so please search for the appropriate method)
  5. Select the option “install zip from sdcard” and flash all the zips one by one.
  6. Once you’ve finished with flashing the zip files restart your device.
  7. On boot you will be asked to select a home launcher, Select the Xperia Home and select the always button.
  8. Congratulations you have successfully installed the Xperia Home Launcher along with widgets on your Device.

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    need root???

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