With the advent of technology and the developments that surface up along the course of time, we are presented with various modifications and improvements for our handheld devices. In such manner, a user can employ high customization on his/her device to provide a beneficial view with respect to the appearance on the specific device. As Canonical made their presence felt releasing the first look of Ubuntu for phones previously, here we are highlighting an app which enables in providing the necessitated functionalities of dishing out similar features to all Android devices out there.

The highlighting aspects with respect to Ubuntu on phones were regarded by the fact that a simple app launcher provided the necessitated functions. The propitious manner was that the user could launch an app from anywhere in the OS. This was done simply with a swipe from the left edge of the screen. In such a manner, an app called as Glovebox provides the similar functionalities which thus are regarded to be an advantageous arrival over the course of time.Glovebox-Android

  • At the beginning, you can download and install the Glovebox  app from here. Next you can customize with the various aspects and also include the other apps which you usually want a quick access to on your handset.
  • Hereafter simply swipe on the right hand side or simply tap on the back button. This operation can be performed from the top-left side from the introductory screen. From here you are entitled to access all the customization options. Eventually if you want to enable Glovebox, you will have to ensure that the specific toggle switch i.e., present on the top right hand side is present in the “ON” mode.glovebox
  • Thereafter if you want to add apps to the GloveBox, you will have to choose on the Bar List option and then later tap the Add button. This is located in the bottom and after you choose this functionality, it will result in adding apps to it. The user also has the advantageous benefit of adding direct Shortcut(s) or Widget to a GMail label, Dropbox folder, Bookmark, a Contact and various other things.
  • Furthermore the individual also has the utility to assign certain margins for the swipe area which results in bringing the Glovebox into notice from the Configuration menu. Additionally this is useful in cases where you eventually keep bringing the Glovebox instead of swiping to the left or right in a specific application.
  • Moreover, the width of swipe area can be increased or decreased accordingly based on the user’s needs. This is done by utilizing the Sensibility level slider.glovebox

Usually Glovebox is responsible for showing a notification in the particular notification bar which helps in preventing the resulting app from being killed by the Android OS. Also the notification can be turned off from the Configuration sub-menu in case there is large amount of RAM available. Glovebox also supports themes which help in enhancing and in the customization of its looks. It also has a paid version app which costs $3.99 and expectedly gives you access to a plethora of new features.

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