The Dark Knight Rises1

The Dark Knight Rises is based on Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman movie. In this game, you will play as The Dark Knight and try to protect the Gotham city. It has all the characters from the movie such as Bane, Lucious Fox, Catwoman, etc. While playing, you will have to collect the gold to unlock new powers of the Batman. There is a simple hack using which you can get unlimited gold and thus unlock the powers of Batman without having to take the effort to collect the gold. Just follow the instructions below.



  1. If The Dark Knight Rises is installed on the Android, uninstall it. Make sure all the data is deleted.
  2. Download The Dark Knight Rises APK file and install it using the file manager.
  3. Now download The Dark Knight Rises data file and extract it to the folder: data/data/ using a file manager.
  4. Launch the game. Game will be in Chinese language.
  5. Go to third option. After that, select the second option.
  6. Now choose a language of your choice.
  7. You will see that you have unlimited gold in your account. Enjoy!

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