Earlier we had featured an app called as Voice for Whatsapp which enabled you to get voice notifications for Whatsapp. This also allowed you to send messages via voice input. The interesting thing about this app was that it read out the senders name as well as the message. The developer of this app, pacosal, has introduced major changes to the app that has led to illustrate the changes via this article.

voice notification

The app is now rebranded as “Voice 4 Whatsapp Line Viber” and has been overhauled to not only deliver notifications from Whatsapp but also from various other apps like Viber, Gmail, Line, Spotbros, etc. The app now also supports for Sony’s Smartwatch. The app automatically recognizes any notification from any new app and also prompts you for permission to start giving voice notifications for that certain app.Voice for whatsapp (3)

This app uses Android’s Accessibility features to deliver the service. When you install the app you will be asked to enable it in the Accessibility menu. Once you activate it from the accessibility menu the app will be armed with the necessary permissions to give you flawless delivery of notifications via Voice.

Voice for whatsapp (1)

This app not only speaks out the notification but also lights up the screen so that the effort to unlock your screen is saved. However, if you have applied a lock code to the Lock screen then you still have to enter the password to unlock the screen. When a notification arrives the app reads it loud as well as runs this app where you can just touch the notification to launch the corresponding app.In order to enable/disable this service the app has a widget for quick access.

Voice for whatsapp (2)

The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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