Ever envied your friend’s Xperia phone for its Beautiful UI and widgets? Here’s a chance for you to get the same Sony launcher and widgets to beautify your homescreen. The laucher as well as various widgets from Sony Xperia P have been leaked and madeĀ availableĀ to everyone by our friends at XDA. All credits to ra3al for making this available to everyone.

This MOD is compatible with phones of all resolutions. The MOD is very simple and wouldn’t take up much time; you just have a to install a few APK files!

Note: You have to enable “Unknown sources” in Settings > > Development.

Widgets included are:

  • Clock Widgets
  • On/Off Tools
  • Photo Widget
  • Weather Widget

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  • Download this ZIP file and Unzip it in your SDcard.
  • Using a file manager navigate to the folder where you have extracted the zip file in you SDcard and install the Home_MultiResolution APK file like a normal app.
  • Then install the other APK files except for OnOffTools.apk
  • To work the OnOffTools widget you need to have ROOT access. Using a File manger that allows ROOT browsing, copy-paste this APK into /system/app and then install it.
  • (optional) Restart your phone. When prompted to select a Home launcher, select the “Set Default” option after selecting the Xperia Home launcher.

Enjoy the beautiful Home screens with amazing widgets from the Sony Xperia phones!

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