Siri, the Apple’s voice assistant has faced significant competition from the likes of other functionalities. After its release, various competitors have marked their presence in response to Siri. Just after Google Now surfaced up to be made available for iOS, there is questionable development as to which resource to prefer amidst these circumstances. There are various users who have an inclination for Siri, whereas several others are adapting to the search recognition offered by Google Now. However, what if the user wants to use both in parallel or use them in conjunction?Googiri

This facilitation has been made possible due to the availability of a Cydia tweak that benefits the user in performing the necessitated operation. Any individual can use both of these on his/her iOS device by employing the latest Googiri Cydia tweak which provides the necessary functionalities to get answers to their queries from Siri.

The notable aspect is that the user should simply say “Siri” before he/she tries on making any request to the Google Voice search. Additionally the user is benefitted with an option of disabling the Google Search and just utilizes the text-to-speech feature i.e., entirely available with Siri.

Once you download and install this specific tweak, you can view a menu in stock Settings app. Here there are two toggles available and there is also an option of donating to the developer and other credits. The primary toggle assists the progress in making the tweak active or inactive. Along these lines, the second one dishes out the option of “Send All To Siri”. If the user uses this option then the particular user can transfer all queries to Siri. If the user wants to turn the second toggle off, then he/she will have to say “Hey Siri” or “Siri” before he/she proceeds on making any query in the Google Search. Other benefits are that there is an availability of certain words which the user can utilize to transfer any queries to Siri from Google Search.

A video demo represents the Cydia tweak in action:

This unique concept is an advantageous functionality on the iOS devices. It is free and can be downloaded from the Cydia Store. Googiri is available at the BigBoss repository. It is a perfect fit for the individuals who want to combine the voice recognition power of Siri and Google Now.

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