Amongst several eye-openers that dispatch front-page news with respect to the on-going rumors around the circuit, this story propels an interesting disclosure to the whole scenario. It is expected that the Google Maps may make an astonishing comeback to the iPhone after the initial attempts of the Apple maps failed to materialize the required aspect in reference to the maps.


As the tidings are presented in the public’s view, it is believed that a standalone mapping application has been released specifically. This is understood that this has been released for particular batch of testers only, after which the effort taken by them will act towards the submission for app inclusion in the App Store. This is expectantly possible after certain tweaks, finishing touches are implemented on the same and this submission will be processed for Apple’s approval.iphone map

The back fence talk that surrounds the build-up to this entire disclosure is that this specific version will have the inclusion of a free turn-by-turn navigation. For our knowledge, this particular aspect was already been available on Google Maps for Android and it was provided by Apple in its maps app.

The other lowdowns that are exhibited with reference to these headlines include that the Google’s map for iOS has been spotted in alpha testing, but there are concerned troubled itemizations that this app would not be approved to be present in the App store. The understanding that is vividly depicted displays the notion that the rejection wouldn’t warranted for Apple’s perspective. This is because this can act as an alternative to Apple’s maps during the time Apple tries and rectifies their own inventiveness with respect to Apple maps.

google-maps on motorola-versus-apple-maps-on-iphone

These tidings have been represented by The Wall Street Journal who was notified about this development by a source claiming to be “a person with direct knowledge of the matter”. Attached with this message there was no specific revelation on whether Google maps will completely replace Apple’s own maps or any other approach would be taken.

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