The announcements have stated its arrival & finally the re-introduction has surfaced up through various dispatchments. There is a widespread telecasting of their incorporation into the iOS again. Yes, the particularization itemization that is talked about is none other than Google Maps. Acting as front-page news through the various headlines, it has come to public’s eye that Google Maps  has returned in the iTunes Store.

During the time that they have been accounted as a replacement for the Apple’s iOS Maps, it has been found to be understood that these maps can be facilitated to work with Siri without even  jailbreaking the particular device.Google maps

In the process of the general understanding, it is a notable aspect that the Google Maps can be integrated with Siri on a respective jailbroken device. It is obviously visible that Apple won’t allow Google Maps as a replacement as a default map, even after considering the re-introduction of the maps. Hence, the feasibility lies in taking command over Siri in getting directions utilizing Google Maps. This specific set of steps can also be executed on iPhone5.

Upon certain detailed observation, there has been the depiction of a certain lee way found based on Siri’s features. This points out to ability for an individual to use third party mapping apps that are present on App Store to open up an address using these apps. Using the “via transit” option present on the end of the voice command, certain directions can be availed by getting directions provided by the Google Maps. In this fashion Siri begins by opening a list of the available maps in conjunction to its stock app.

Use Google Maps and Siri without Jailbreaking your iPhone

  1. At the beginning, the user must launch Siri
  2. Consequently, the user must say “Give me directions to the nearest Apple Inc. via transit”
  3. Afterwards, a list of third-party mapping apps is opened that are available apart from the iOS maps.
  4. Now the user has to tap on the Google Maps icon & this process will launch the app.

NOTE: The only disadvantageous aspect lies in the fact that as the Jailbreak method since it involves the usage of the third party app.

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