In the days gone by, we were treated to the most recent Google Maps update for Android. However, this recent update has been further enhanced to boost the functionality of this already existent Google Maps update. The re-updated version arrives with a newer software revision which presents its arrival with an addition of an old feature. This feature was apparently to be “cleverly hidden and it was easily accessible via a mildly interesting easter egg.

After these developments, there was severe backlash by users because the new update lacked an option to save maps for offline use. And Google has taken care of this aspect by adding an Offline Maps button with the latest software update.Offline-Maps-Update

According to some reports, it was depicted that operating in a search with the words like “OK Maps” inside the new Google Maps produced a hidden feature. This development will not be available henceforth because the Google Maps engineering team has inculcated their efforts in the right direction for making the map area being available offline for users. And thus ensuring easy access by coming up with such an option to save maps for offline use.

This re-updated option is not like the earlier maps feature, but atleast its re-introduction with the update provides the sign that Google is enriching the user experience by implementing the necessary changes for its customers.

At present, Android users cannot benefit by the availability of such function because of the fact that it isn’t available in certain regions. Also, there are several devices which aren’t even compatible with it.

What are your thoughts on these newly made changes?

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