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Google has officially announced Android 6.0 and it is named Marshmallow. The latest Android OS has followed the tradition by being named after a sweet and also falls in alphabetical order. A big surprise is the version number – 6.0 which means that Marshmallow will be a significant update over Lollipop.

Along with the name, Google has also kept up the tradition of erecting a new Android statue on the grounds of its Mountain View headquarters.

Google has also released the final Developer Preview of Marshmallow for Nexus devices. This is the final preview after which the official Android Marshmallow full version will be launched.

Android Marshmallow will be released along with the new Nexus device. It will be surprising if Google does not do this as the new Nexus device has always coincided with a launch of a new Android version.

Meanwhile, the latest Developer Preview does not have many new changes over the previous one.

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