Unconfirmed reports have specified that Google are planning to release a brand new Nexus device in the $100 range which will make it more affordable than the current Nexus line of devices.

Although the current Nexus devices fall in the mid range category, Google plans to make it much more budget friendly. The Nexus 5 released late last year contains all the high end specifications. But the budget Nexus device wont offer the same. It is rumored to have a Mediatek processor.

Traditionally, Google has always unveiled the new Nexus device with a new version of Android OS, but with this budget phone same cant be expected. There is no confirmation yet on which manufacturer will attempt to make this device.

A lot of rumors are doing the rounds regarding Google and the Nexus devices. Some reports suggest Google are planning to scrap the Nexus series and replace it with new one while others report that Lenovo will be the manufacturer for the Nexus 6. There are also reports about an 8.9″ Nexus 8 tablet which will be made by HTC.

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