The successor to v2.9.17 the latest Google Play store has been leaked. The latest version of Google Play is version 3.10.9. This has some serious updates over the previous versions. Lets see what all changes have been implemented in the latest version.

Change log

  1. The Recommended apps list has been changed as compared to the older version. Now it has an option to improve the list of recommended apps by adding people to your circle in G+. When you press the button “improve these recommendations” you are provided with a list of people you may know. After you add people from this list, the recommended apps list will be updated.Improve recommendations
  2. Earlier whenever you downloaded an app, you were redirected to the app page, however now a new screen pops up when you start installing an app. This presents you with apps that other users, who downloaded this app, also installed.Install app afterscreen
  3. The app description section has been added with a translate button. This button server the purpose of translating the app description to other languages.
  4. Two new permissions namely: ACCESS FINE_LOCATION and ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION have been added to the list of permissions of this app.

You can wait for the roll out of automatic updates by Google or take the liberty to download and update the Play store yourself.

If you wish to update it yourself here is a short tutorial. You can download the app from here.


  1. Go to Settings > Security > Click on Unknown Sources.
  2. If you have downloaded the apk file using a PC/MAC connect your device to the PC/MAC and transfer the file into the phone’s SDcard. (Tip: preferably place it in the root folder of SDcard so you can locate it easily)
  3. Open the file manager and navigate to the folder where you have placed the apk file.
  4. Click on the apk file and the file will be installed.
  5. You will be asked for a prompt select “yes” for all.
  6. Congratulations! Now you have the latest Google Play store.

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