Google officially announced Android Lollipop a few days ago. It is the biggest Android updates since Ice Cream Sandwich was released 3 years ago. Some of the features that caught the eye were the Material Design, Project Volta for improved battery, Lock Screen Notifications and much more. One feature which Google is taking pains to point out is the improved security.

According to Google, Android Lollipop is the most secure version of Android till date. People use lockscreen to protect their data on the phone but since it is a bit inconvenient majority dont use this feature.

Google has created the Smart Lock feature to overcome this. Smart Lock lets you use Bluetooth pairing or NFC.This means you can pair your smartwatch, your Android TV (for when you’re at home) or really any compatible device in order to skip the pin/password process.

Google also says that Face Unlock has vastly improved in the new version where the face recognition is better.

Along with this, Android 5.0 also turns on device encryption by default during first boot, instead of having it as merely an option as it was in past versions of Android. Google’s full device encryption provides a unique key that never leaves the device and therefore is extremely hard to hack.

Last but not least, Google’s blog also mentions how it is using Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) to improve app security.

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