Google today has announced an update for Google Search for iOS, the advantageous resource that serves a utility to access various Google’s functionalities incase users don’t like to install the dedicated apps. Several functionalities have been beefed up with the addition of this update and now users can catch hold a glimpse of smarter integration with Google Maps along with the addition of several other utilities. Providing a full screen experience, users are entitled to the hidden battery iOS status bar during the time that he/she launches the particular app.Google Search App on iOS
Users can experience an iOS 7 redesign wherein an individual can expand the overall UI and swipe-up the Google Now feed to fit completely taking the full width of your device. The update gives rise to two different items in the change log. The iPad version provides the opportunity to perform an image search and users are entitled to save the specific image or even perform a “search for similar images” from the available long-press options.Google Search App

Furthermore, there is something called as “smarter integration” that has been implemented with the arrival of this update. The speed of loading maps has accrued up drastically during the time that an individual uses the Google Search App. Moreover, users are benefitted with the availability of a transparent ‘Get Directions’ button which is viewable on the top right-hand corner of the screen. This can be used for navigating to Google Maps when selected. Also, there is a facilitation of a button which will return the user back to the Google Search app if the user wants to go back from Google Maps.

iPad owners can also take advantage of Google’s native image search functionality, which will allow users to search for specific images without even opening Google Chrome for iOS app. Google Search App can be downloaded from here.

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