Nowadays on opening the app drawer on the Android, a new icon named “Google Settings” can be seen. Many users will wonder how it suddenly appears on the app drawer. The Google Settings app hasn’t been downloaded yet, however it is visible on the Android device. This app is seen because Google rolled out Google sign-ins which allows the app developers to have users sign in with Google credentials.


Google Settings is basically an extension of the Settings >> Accounts >> Google that is already present in all Android devices. The only difference is that the Google Settings app will grant you access to control Google+ sign-in settings, whereas the menu within Settings doesn’t. This is done so that the app data can be shared on the Google+ account just like it is shared on Facebook.


As mentioned before, Google Settings is not really an app. You will not see it on the list of installed applications on the Android device. It will provide shortcuts to your Google+ settings, Maps & Latitude, Location, Search, and Ads.

Not having the Google Settings app will not make any difference to the Android. It is more or less unnecessary. However if the user wants it and it is not visible on the app drawer, then it should be made sure that Google Play Services is updated to the latest version. After it has been updated, go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications and clear the Google Play Services data.

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  1. Rick Deckard
    Posted March 6, 2013 at 6:37 am | Permalink

    “Not having the Google Settings app will not make any difference to the Android.”

    Not excactly, I’m using the HTC Wildfire (not S), running the CyanogenMod 7 on it.
    I was surprised seeing this popping up in the App drawer, had a look at it, and uninstalled it, for I didn’t know about any use of it.
    Though after that uninstall, next time I tried to start the Youtube App, it told me it’s not able to run without that Google Settings.

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