Google’s Android One program was meant for the developing countries. Google tried to provide pure Android experience at a very low cost via this Android One Program. It was not a huge success because companies like Xiaomi were offering better products at the same price. Now Google are trying to revive it with Android One 2.0.

A media invite read, “At Google, we believe that technology can change people’s lives for the better. Indians are coming online at an astonishing rate with affordable smart phones. These new users have a completely fresh view on what the Internet has to offer. Please block your date for an event with Google as we outline our vision for these users.”

Google India’s head Rajan Anandan had said that the company was planning to revive the Android One programme where it was looking to launch a sub-$50 smartphone.

Sundar Pichai is due to visit India during mid-December. This could be the time when “Android One 2” will be released.

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