Google is reportedly expected to release a new program/ mobile system which will assist the users for tracking the progress of and monitoring users’ activity. The app speculatively regarded as “Mobile Meter” will accumulate data based on app’s usage and the behavioural browsing characteristics of a specific user. At present it is regarded that the app will also cater to iOS platform as well, however it is unclear as to how this type of a process will be facilitated through towards accomplishing the desired goal.

According to reports from Engadget, it has been viewed that Google intends to analyse respective user’s app usage in conjunction with the web behavioural habits. This data will be then handled by Google. With hearsays coming in from different quarters, it is construed that this app named as Mobile Meter will be presented as a voluntary service and data will be aggregated for ensuring privacy.Google monitoring tool

Such development doesn’t serve as a complete eye opener, because of the fact that Google isn’t the only source to formulate such an operation. Previously, Nielsen had performed similar type of monitoring with the use of an Android app.

So far there is no confirmation on this cited information, and it remains to be seen as to what course of action is implemented by Google. And whether individual apps are tracked or whether specific web metrics in respective domains will be tracked. The best part is that Google plans to reward users for the accessibility levels that an individual allows based on a particularized domain. Just a while ago, we have witnessed Gmail delivering target ads scanning mails and providing service. It will be thought provoking as to how the users will be rewarded based on these aspects.

How you want to be rewarded for providing access to your personal data and being tracked on certain Web metrics?

Maybe provide some Play Store Credit, or some unlimited data for short duration, or dish out some incentives?

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