As the narrative potboilers are brought into existence before the mega event launch of iPhone 5, here we are everyday trending with formulated accounts of new anecdotes about the next generation iPhone. From the particularization of the various events which are brought into the picture with eye-openers from various sources, we are presented with forewarnings about the new phone by a Chinese firm. This specific narration of the dummy iPhone, was that of the Goophone i5 which is an Android 2.3 powered phone looking very similar to that of the next-gen iPhone. This was highlighted by

GooPhone: Replica of iPhone running Android

The observable distinguishing factors amongst the iPhone and Goophone include a variety of intricate factors that possess the distinct features of the respective phones. The new iPhone is supposedly going to have a totally different look to this, as specificied by the citations in the rumors it is taller whereas Goophone has a 940 x 640 3.5″ Retina screen, along with front and back cameras of 5 Megapixel and 1.3 Megapixel respectively.

Is this a perfect marketing strategy to take off the eyes from the recent dispute and the verdict?

Just in case if you are interested in getting the GooPhone, you may be interested in the Specifications and Price which can be found on its sales page.

Now isn’t that a perfect replica of an iPhone? I am just liking this GooPhone…

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