The notable brand unit which provided the iPhone 5 cases has re-surfaced into the limelight once again. The eye opener here is related with the phone manufacturer Gresso which has its front page news with its set of itemization introduced recently. This recognition stems from the stirring news regarding the Titanium version of Symbian S40-sporting Regal device.  It is after the launch of this handset that comes with a particularization of tough & scratch resistant characteristics. Powered with a 860 mAh battery it can serve the purpose with 5.4 hours talk time, 300 hours standby time.

Costing $4,500 and available in limited quantities, you can check out its website here.

Gresso Regal Titanium

The following notable peculiarity that the handset carries along with the piece of news being circulated by:

  • Resistant to dents
  • Can withstand heavy loads
  • The metal isn’t heavy, just 130g. Compared to iPhone 5, it is slightly heavier!
  • The shell’s purpose on the handset proves as a resistant medium to corrosion, salt, moisture and sunlight.

Gresso Regal Titanium angular

Specifications that stand out highlighting the phone’s overall functionality aspects are the ones that are mentioned below:

  1. Bluetooth connectivity & FM stereo radio.
  2. 2-megapixel camera
  3. Tri-band operation (900/1800/1900)
  4. Compatible to play midi, wma, wav, avi, asf and wmv media files
  5. Contains voice recorder and voice command functionality.
  6. 30MB internal memory with memory expansion to 2GB through a microSD

Gresso Regal Titanium phone

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