During the time that new facilities get developed for the betterment, the ease of life gets improved with respect to every developed revelation. There are significant varieties of features promoted through the advent of these Smartphones. With every passing innovation, there are set of new features that are resident on devices that get developed later. Sometimes in few instances it may so happen that the user will need to conserve his/her caller ID for various purposes. Taking guard of the identity and conserving it for security reasons is the utmost priority in a situation when it is hazardous to give away identity. Hence, safeguarding the caller ID in such cases will prove fruitful to the user’s cause. Additionally protecting the caller ID from the advertisers, fraudsters is primarily a necessary function that needs to be adopted by the particular individuals. This may be due to several reasons which can be regarded for safety, security and for other precautionary purposes. It also becomes as a safekeeping option. The particularized option is provided by Apple and hence can be put to use on the iPhone. There is an easy approach to facilitate the same and the steps to be followed are like child’s play. Thus security can be manifested in a uncomplicated way.

Instructions to Hide or Block your Caller ID:

  1. At the beginning the user must open the Settings from the spring board.Settings
  2. A list is provided to the user. Here, the individual should scroll down until it finds “Phone” from the list. When the indicated option is found, the user must select it.Settings_Phone
  3. Under the Phone option, there is an option provided which is “Show My Caller ID”. Afterwards, the user must select this particularized option. Phone_Show my caller ID
  4. After the indicated operations have been performed, on the next page the user must set the “Show My Caller ID” in the OFF position. Turn the swtich OFF

Only after the setting has been devised upon, subsequently later the receiving caller won’t be able to view the caller ID when the user places a phone call. However, this doesn’t make the user anonymous from the other individuals. The phone calls can be traced by the phone company to track down the number.

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