Cydia performs as an advantageous substitute for the App Store on the respective jailbroken iOS devices. It is of primary importance in case of a jailbroken device. This gets automatically installed after you have jailbroken your particular iOS device. Thus later you can find endless tweaks, themes, and tricks resident in such an app store. Also, there are different repositories available which assist the progress in downloading the Cydia tweaks. Along these lines, the article presents a procedure to add more sources to Cydia app store.


  1. At the beginning, you will need to click on the Cydia App Store icon i.e. resident on your springboard.
  2. Thereafter you will view Cydia App Store’s home page on your handset.  Click the Manage option from the bottom of you device.Cydia-home
  3. Next you should tap on “Sources”. After performing this selection, you will have simply tap on all the list of repositories which appear on the device.
  4. Eventually seen is an “Edit” option on the top right corner of the screen. Choose this and then select the “Add” button.
  5. Henceforth you will see a window which appears on screen. In this manner, eventually you will have to add the particular desired repository in this window. Next in line you should simply click the the “Add Source” option.cydia-add-New-Source
  6. After you perform the intended step above, you can easily add more Cydia sources to your Cydia app store.

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