During the time that you are busy or caught up in some work, it is a difficult task to answer each and every call or message. In such cases, it is necessary to have a methodological way that the users can utilize to reject the call and send a message to the caller. Windows Phone 8 provides this beneficial aspect with respect to their devices. The following article describes the respective steps that the individual can utilize to perform this necessary action. The user will be dished out with default messages by this operation. If a user wants to customize these particular return messages, then the steps below indicate the step by step method in achieving this motive.


  1. At the beginning, you will need to swipe to the left hand side of the screen. The applications can be accessed from the respective live tiles that are available. Select the phone from here and continue further.
  2. After the phone app gets loaded, you should tap on the three dots icon. It opens the app’s menu, and next you should choose settings.
  3. Thereafter when you are on the settings screen, find the edit replies option. Next, tap on it to process.Edit replies option
  4. Afterwards you can find plenty of default replies in the text boxes. If you want to edit this reply, you will need tap on the box to switch to edit mode. A keyboard pop-up on-screen gets displayed for the user.
  5. Once you add you specific custom reply, press back button which helps to hide the keyboard and save this particularized typed text. In this manner, you have the facility to edit any message that you want. Also, you can have up to four replies only. Whenever you press the back button, you are directed to the main interface of the phone app and all changes get saved accordingly.
  6. Eventually at a later time, in case you do not wish to answer a call or you can’t answer a specific call; then you should simply select reject with message. Afterwards, just select the respective option from the existent message templates that you saved initially.

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