Customization on your own device is a usual concept employed by the individuals. This can range from changing wallpapers to altering settings, changing themes or altering other features. In this fashion as we advance forward in time in conjunction with the developing technology, the range of devices produced by the manufacturing giants continue to amaze everyone with the extensive list of features that are dished out for the individuals.

As Blackberry tries to retain its position in the lives of business professionals, the incremental growth associated with the device just keeps improving with every passing instance. However, the customization aspect is very limited or scarce in comparison to the iOS or the Android platforms. Hence, every chance needs to be grabbed when customization can be employed on the device. Therefore, applying newer and better themes on your handset can serve as a beneficial approach towards achieving the customization on the particular device. Presented below we explain a sequential procedure on how you can install themes on your handheld Blackberry device.Blackberry


  • Blackberry device
  • Computer
  • An internet connection
  • Data cable

Steps to apply themes to the Blackberry device:

  1. At the beginning, download the theme.
  2. Usually they are archived.
  3. Thereafter, extract them in a folder.
  4. Now open the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
  5. Subsequently connect your respective device.
  6. Later enter the Application loader.
  7. Hereafter, click on next.
  8. Once the process gets completed, select done.

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