Traditionally iTunes is the primary source which has to be employed upon for facilitating the backup and restore process related to contacts on the iPhone. This is an approach which needs to be presented every now and then, during the time when the user will want to perform the intended activity. The process of backup and restoring contacts is an advantageous aspect. It can be highly useful in certain critical situations & thus can aid the user in carrying out the desired functionality.

There can be a possibility that this type of process depends from individuals to individuals and few users may prefer to backup the entire thing manually while the others would choose a different approach altogether using iTunes. However, this continual trend can have a common solution which can serve the beneficial aspect for both cases. This functionality can be availed by the use of an app called as My Contacts Backup.

This application accomplishes the necessary task of backing up & restoring contacts from the handset, without the need of a computer or any synchronization process.

Initially, you need to open the app and tap on the “Backup” button. This operation begins the backup process. The process i.e. performed by the app involves the backing up of the entire contacts. Thereafter, these are saved in the vCard format. This file is stored in the app, but additionally also can be sent via email.

You should tap the Settings icon. Now, select “In App vCard Restore”. This process helps in restoring the contacts. The available backups are displayed on screen. Thereafter, simply select the particular option & tap on “Restore” button.

 My Contacts Backup

This application is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

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